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The Only International Platform with Multiple Services.

Give your child the unique opportunity to study with curricula that consistently rank among the highest in the world for education and be a part of our multiple opportunities.

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Being the only education organisation in Malaysia to provide students with numerous verticals allows you to unleash your full potential and realise your ideas.

Core Values

AdMission is practicing 28COE Core Values. These defined values help all members to understand...


Our goal is to give students the guidance and support they need to make educated decisions about...


Teach & Nurture Education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship,Enabling people resources through...

Study Destination

MALAYSIA One of the nations with a very strong educational system in Malaysia. There are several...

Advisory Board

The members of the AdMission Advisory Board represent a diverse cross-section of the...

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We have developed solid relationships with our esteemed partners over the course of our 21-year history, offering educational opportunities to students from different countries. We take pride in collaborating with agents and education partners who share our commitment to providing the greatest possible educational outcomes.

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If not now, then when? Let’s discover the ways to be an action-taker, and learn how to start doing it. Your actions will reflect the people’s reactions.

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Don’t think too much, just do it! Don’t take it wrong here. Thinking is great. Indeed, it’s very crucial to think first before you do anything.

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We are fully committed to providing high-level and personal support in every step of your international education journey.

Why Choose AdMission -

Give your child the unique opportunity to study with curricula that consistently rank among the highest in the world for education and be a part of our multiple opportunities.

Students Empowerment

Empowering a student is beneficial for numerous reasons...


The chance to get professional job experience and explore potential career paths...


Numerous options for part-time student jobs are available through AdMission...


The Student Empowerment Center “SEC” creates possibilities for the varied...

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Our Distinguished Partners: Fostering Relationships, Igniting Achievement

Our valued collaborators constitute the very essence of our organization. Through their multifaceted expertise, unyielding commitment, and cooperative ethos, they constitute a formidable alliance of partners who align with our vision for expansion and prosperity. Collectively, we construct connections, nurture innovation, and generate prospects that transcend geographical limits. By means of purposeful partnerships, we harness collective capabilities, exchange insights, and unveil fresh opportunities. Our collaborators not only motivate and challenge us but also steer us toward the pinnacle of excellence. With deep appreciation, we acknowledge their priceless contributions and commemorate the transformative potential of collaboration in attaining our common objectives.