Tips for Starting College

Tips for Starting College

  1. Organize your digital life

There will be a lot to keep track of at university. Make sure all of your digital files and folders are organized. Use apps and websites with sorting and file management features.

  1. set up work habits

Setting up consistent habits can help you stay on track. Begin with a simple app for reminding yourself and make it a habit.

  1. Stay focused

Finding ways to recognize when you are stressed and taking breaks when needed can help you maintain the focus you require.

  1. budget

Keep a record of your expenses, food, and necessities. Budgeting your spending and saving is essential.

  1. eat a balanced diet

For many students, the university is the first time they will be cooking full-time for themselves. Make sure you eat a varied diet of healthy foods. This could even be a good time to learn to cook!

  1. stay in touch

Set times aside to call or message loved ones so you stay connected. It makes it a lot easier when you visit!

  1. Get involved

Universities are teeming with clubs, events, and groups that can help you better understand your passions and interests. Take the time to get involved in everything that campus life has to offer.

  1. monitor your health

Make sure you keep your regular health appointments, even if it’s the first time you’re doing so on your own.

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